Proven Electronic Health Record Integration


Silhouette accurately monitors treatment plans, proving their effectiveness over time

  • 3D depth measurements
  • Consistent, clear images
  • Accurate, reliable data across users
  • Infection control


Patient Satisfaction

Patient Comfort

All of the Silhouette end user devices are non-contact, ensuring optimal patient comfort and infection control.

Informed Patients

Silhouette’s objective information helps patients to see and understand what needs to be done and why.

Better Healing Progress

Engaged patients play an integral part in their own treatments and healing progress.

Reduced Assessment Times

Silhouette speeds up assessment times and reduces unnecessary hospital admissions.

Better Information

Automatic Boundary Detection

  • Provides tracing and measurement consistency across sites and clinicians
  • Reduces assessment times
  • Editable points on the boundary tracing enable clinicians to manually adjust the boundary if necessary

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A Choice of End-User Devices

  • SilhouetteStar Scanning Device
  • SilhouetteLite+ App on an iPad or iPhone
  • SilhouetteLite App on an iPad or iPhone

SilhouetteLite AppSilhouetteCentral Database

An online database that can be securely accessed from anywhere is revolutionising skin and wound monitoring.

  • Securely accessed via a web-based application from anywhere
  • Provides multiple data fields to record patient information
  • Enables images and data to be securely uploaded from end-user devices
  • Provides intuitive user workflows
  • Configurable software to meet your specific needs

SilhouetteStar Scanning Device

Designed for clinicians who require high levels of data accuracy and security.

  • Ensures highly accurate, 3-D wound/skin measurements
  • Lasers guide users to take images that are focussed and with correct lighting every time
  • Images and data are instantly and securely uploaded to SilhouetteCentral for analysis and reporting
  • Enables measurements on complex body shapes
  • Wired or wireless SilhouetteStar devices available

SilhouetteLite AppSilhouetteLite+ App and Sensor

Designed for health care practitioners in the field who require portability, images, 2-D measurements, and detailed notes functionality.

  • Consistent images using the camera on your mobile device
  • Accurate 2-D wound/skin measurements
  • Images and data are securely uploaded to SilhouetteCentral software for analysis and reporting with a WiFi connection
  • Detailed notes fields
  • Portable
  • User-friendly software

SilhouetteLite AppSilhouetteLite App

Designed for health care practitioners in the field who require portability, images, and simple notes functionality.

  • Consistent images are captured using the camera on your mobile device
  • Images and data are securely uploaded to SilhouetteCentral software for analysis and reporting with a WiFi connection
  • Free text fields for simple notes
  • Portable
  • User-friendly software

Return on Investment

Save Time

Silhouette provides a complete online record of each patient’s healing progress, enabling cross functional care teams to collaborate in a timely manner across locations and heal patients faster.

Improve the Quality of Your Care

The Silhouette point of care devices are non-contact, eliminating infection risks and optimizing patient comfort.

Reduce Your Litigation Risks

The accurate, consistent and complete patient data securely stored in Silhouette, demonstrates that appropriate treatment measures have been followed. Silhouette patient data helps providers avoid fines and litigation that could cost millions of dollars and severely damage their reputation.

Ensure Best Practices

Silhouette workflows enable your care team to consistently follow standardized wound assessment processes that meet your clinic’s best practice treatment guidelines.

Support is Always Available

Our experienced Services and Support Team are always available to help you improve your wound assessment and management practices.

What Our Customers Say

A Game Changer

“With Silhouette we are able to monitor how different dressings and regimes work with individual clients, as what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Having the ability to show the development of suspicious wounds and getting them seen in time could honestly be the difference between life and death—it’s a game-changer.”

Mo Blishen
EB Clinical Nurse, DEBRA NZ

Better Information

"Deterioration and progress of wounds can be quite small, literally millimetres in size, so it’s impossible to remember with any accuracy the subtle changes in wound size without a measurable record. The device (Silhouette) also records changes in the surrounding skin, such as redness and swelling, which would otherwise have to be written long hand."

Stephen Percival
Podiatrist, Christchurch Diabetes Centre

Happier Patients

"If I know what’s going on, I can monitor my own progress. I tell the carers to report any change in my skin condition; most let me and the [specialist wound] nurse know straight away if there’s a change. I have trained the carers," ... "There are some things I can’t do for myself, but one thing I can do is try to help people trying to help me. Objective information helps me to understand what needs to be done and why."

John Moles
Pressure Injury Patient

Better Outcomes

"By providing accurate, objective imaging and a valid graph to track healing trends, we have improved patient care outcomes because we now have high quality, timely information on which to base our clinical decisions, intervene promptly, and determine best practice."

Selekof et al
University of Maryland Medical Center

Less Risk

"Silhouette enables me to easily monitor wound status. So if a pressure ulcer develops or worsens, Silhouette enables me to catch it before it gets out of hand so we can get aggressive and heal it up before it goes to a III or IV, to where it’s reportable."

Kathy Deck
RN, CWON, Barlow Respiratory Hospital

Silhouette Operates Across the Continuum of Care

How Silhouette Works

Silhouette Customers

Regulatory Approvals

Silhouette has the following regulatory approvals:

Silhouette also supports compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA

ARANZ Medical has ISO 13485:2016 Certification

How Silhouette Works

Find out more about our easy to use wound imaging, 3D measurement, and documentation system.

Silhouette Overview

Silhouette Overview

Silhouette Demonstration Videos

More Information

Silouette BrochureWhy Does Wound Measurement Precision Matter?

Download a copy of this study highlighting the importance of wound measurement precision.


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