St Lukes’ Assistant Nurse Manager Tan Yuh Lin

BBC profiles Singapore customer

St Luke’s Hospital, a 185-bed acute care facility using the Silhouette® wound surveillance system, has been profiled by the global broadcaster BBC.

The hospital has been filmed as part of the BBC’s coverage of the launch of the second part of The Hobbit film trilogy: The Desolation of Smaug.The unlikely link between the blockbuster film and Silhouette is that the same ARANZ scanning technology used in the development of the Lord of the Rings franchise is being applied to the laser triangulation 3D measurement of wounds.

St Luke’s uses Silhouette to monitor the healing progression of wounds, making use of Silhouette’s ability to provide high quality images, highly accurate area and depth measurements that can be tracked over time, and comprehensive documentation, all in one easy to use system.

Silhouette replaced the use of tracings and paper rulers at the hospital, a method known for its lack of accuracy, its subjectivity, and its discomfort for patients.

St Lukes’ Assistant Nurse Manager Tan Yuh Lin explains: “In this case, the system is a non-touch system. It uses [the Silhouette] laser beams to measure the wound size and depth. This is in line with infection control, which is good practice.”

Watch the video here.


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