Improved data analysis delivered in Silhouette’s latest release

24 July, 2020

The latest release of Silhouette – version 4.9 – brings together some key new features that make the data collected with Silhouette easier to understand and analyze.

These new data analysis features include a percentage area reduction figure, which enables clinicians to easily see how well a wound is healing. This percentage shows the decrease in wound area from a baseline measurement as well as the number of days since the baseline measurement was recorded. The area reduction figure appears alongside the other wound measurements on the screen, see the screenshot below.

Silhouette now also displays a wound baseline date, which can be reset by users with appropriate permissions. This feature is particularly useful for tracking changes to treatment plans as the baseline date can be reset to the start date of a new or altered treatment plan to more accurately monitor the treatment’s effectiveness.  

Other features in this software release include persistent notes and the ability to send discrete measurement and note values directly to integrated EMR systems. The persistent notes feature enables the notes from the patient’s previous assessment to be available in a new assessment. This feature helps clinicians to quickly identify important patient notes, such as allergies at the start of an assessment, and it also significantly reduces the amount of time spent inputting notes at each assessment.

Bruce Davey, CEO, says, “With Silhouette we aim to make it easier for wound and skin care practitioners to heal their patients, and these new tools are designed to do just that. Area reduction percentages, baseline dates, persistent notes, and new integration features all make it easier for clinicians to quickly track and measure wound and skin healing rates and in turn provide better levels of care for their patients.”

Silhouette Area Reduction


Click here for more information about Silhouette version 4.9 

Contact us if you would like a demo of the new release or to upgrade to version 4.9.

Doc Number: 2020-00100 

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