Wound imaging and 3D documentation system to be presented at ASHRM 2015

7 September, 2015

Would you trust healing trend data based on measurement error rates of up to 44% using traditional techniques1,2?


Romanelli (2006) demonstrates the  high risk of inaccuracy when calculating wound area.

Accurate wound measurement and valid healing trends are vital for informed decision-making and risk management, and to avoid increasingly punitive consequences. Providers are now penalized if unable to meet quality indicators associated with hospital-acquired pressure ulcers, re-admissions, amputations, documentation standards and patient satisfaction.

The expectations of the changing healthcare landscape cannot be met without accurate wound measurement information, precise trend data and thorough, consistent documentation. Yet traditional and two-dimensional methods are typically inaccurate – particularly in larger wounds – and inter- and intra-rater variability is high3. This video explains more. 

Defining solution criteria

A suitable solution would address both accuracy issues and clinical process challenges currently experienced in wound care. Outcomes would include comprehensive wound surveillance, streamlined processes, better communication and decision support for multi-disciplinary teams, and reduced risk exposure.

Silhouette® wound surveillance

The Silhouette product suite is an innovative, non-contact, wound measurement, imaging and documentation system which captures 3D surface topographic information about the wound and surrounding anatomy and creates a three-dimensional model of the wound, along with medical imaging and documentation. 

Unlike two-dimensional digital-camera planimetry methods of image measurement which assume a wound is flat, the 3D electronic system can account for the curvature of the human body and three-dimensional nature of wounds to derive accurate area, depth and volume measurements. The wound measurements are also graphically expressed in objective wound healing trend data. The system can be integrated with EMR/PACS and is accessible to authorized remote stakeholders across the network. It can be deployed as a telemedicine solution.

Silhouette measurements are highly repeatable and consistent. Inter- and intra-rater variability has been shown to be <1% for area and perimeter, and <2% for average depth and volume. Any single measurement is likely to be within approximately 2% for area, 1% for perimeter and 5% for average depth and volume of the measured average 95% of the time for the size of wounds that have been modeled in this study. This indicates that repeated measurements over time, even by different raters, will detect small differences as a wound changes in size and dimensions.

The electronic data provided by Silhouette improves wound-related communication for care teams and enables timely specialist input. Quality indicators can be readily tracked for reporting and audit purposes and accurate healing rate trend data enables better-informed decisions about chronic wound management. Silhouette assists with wound surveillance, enables better detection of wound deterioration and supports timely specialist intervention.

Silhouette will be demonstrated at the ASHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition, in Indianapolis, IN, October 18-21. Visit us at booth 308 to discover how Silhouette can help reduce financial and legal exposure to problem wounds.

Request a demo

You can see Silhouette demonstrated at ASHRM, or request a dedicated demo for you and your team. This short video shows Silhouette in action at the point of care. For a more detailed demo, contact us and we will arrange to present Silhouette to you and your team, and answer your questions.


1. Mastronicola, D. MD and Romanelli M. MD, PhD: Clinical and Instrumental Assessment of Pressure Ulcers. Science and Practice of Pressure Ulcer Management, Springer-Verlag London Limited, 2006 pp 91-98

2. Romanelli, M. MD, PhD: Wound Assessment: clinical and instrumental (presentation) (2006)

3. Gethin G, The importance of continuous wound measuring. Wounds UK, 2006,Vol 2, No 2


Silhouette is a non-invasive 3D measuring, imaging and documentation system that generates accurate wound measurement and healing trend data, plus high quality images and other wound documentation.


With accurate measurement trend data, better decisions can be made.


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