Wound magazine assesses Silhouette®

11 December, 2013

jacqui fletcher article An article by Jacqui Fletcher, Wounds UK magazine Clinical Editor, has found that Silhouette® simplifies the management of information for clinicians who need a quick and easy way to record electronic data on their wound care patients.

“Silhouette enabled clinicians to better understand what colleagues observed at previous assessments and understand treatment decisions based on the previous image/wound data,” wrote Jacqui Fletcher. “Clinicians, managers and clinical commissioners will be interested in considering these systems as important tools to improve delivery, reporting of care and outcomes for patients with wounds, in a range of care settings.”

The article is set in the context of the healthcare system in the United Kingdom, where the current strategic vision of the National Health System (NHS) focuses on improving practice, increasing productivity, improving wound care documentation and attaining efficient information flow, all of which enhance the quality of patient care.

The article looks at the specifications and efficacy of Silhouette. Dr Fletcher reports that early experience with the Silhouette system indicates promising potential for use within a range of care settings to improve the delivery and reporting of care for patients with wounds.

Read the article here


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