Wound telehealth video

16 June, 2015

wound-telehealth-imageWounds are often the result of complex conditions and should be regularly assessed. But often patients or their clinicians need to travel long distances for wound assessments, and it can be hard to get consistently reliable information.

Now a new technology may remove the tyranny of distance for sufferers of chronic wounds.

Silhouette® built its reputation as an accurate documentation tool for clinical studies with sites all over the world.

Now, it has been recognized for its value in telehealth, to support long-distance wound care.

Telehealth promises to improve patients’ access to vital care at a reduced cost. Silhouette is able to reduce the distance between chronic wound sufferers and the people who can heal them.

This video gives an overview of Silhouette for telehealth, with commentary by Leslie Fernyhough, Telehealth Education Specialist at Iron Bow Technologies, who is managing the Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) vehicle currently touring the US to demonstrate telehealth solutions. 

Learn more about the Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) vehicle

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