Purchasing a wound camera or wound assessment system

21 June, 2014


The Silhouette wound surveillance system is accurate, easy to use, and reduces patient discomfort during wound assessment.

The Silhouette® system is made up of three main parts – a point of care imaging device, smart software and a wound information database:

  • The SilhouetteStar™ specialized wound camera, which captures the wound image;
  • SilhouetteConnect™ software, which creates a 3D model of the wound based on the data acquired by SilhouetteStar, derives measurements from the model, and records standardized notes;
  • SilhouetteCentral™, a secure Internet-accessible database that stores and consolidates the information obtained from the organization’s SilhouetteStar + SilhouetteConnect devices, sharing data with the EMR.

Silhouette is easy to use and implement. It can be purchased in two ways:

  • you can purchase a single, standalone point-of-care system (SilhouetteStar wound camera + SilhouetteConnect software). This is ideal if you have a small enterprise or wish to trial the system at minimal cost. This approach is very easy to buy and try at an entry-level price. Get pricing information.
  • as a system available across an organization or clinical trial, with multiple wound cameras, networked by SilhouetteCentral, which can be integrated with your EMR as an enhancement dedicated to wound documentation. This would be based on your facility’s specific requirements and requires a bespoke quote. Click here for a no-obligation free quote.

If you catch just one pressure ulcer present on admission, and you don’t get penalized as a hospital-acquired, you have proven the value of the system.

– Kathy Deck, RN, CWON, wound specialist, Barlow Respiratory Hospital

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