ARANZ Medical a UN World Summit Award winner

13 October, 2015

world-summit-award_2015_winnerARANZ Medical has won a United Nations-sponsored international award recognising innovations that benefit the development of communities. The company, which produces medical assessment technologies, is one of five to have won a 2015 World Summit Award in the Health & Environment category.

Launched as part of the United Nations Summit on the Information Society in 2003, the World Summit Awards recognised 40 projects across eight categories. Winners were chosen from almost 400 nominations from 86 UN member states.

The Award’s purpose is to recognise global digital creativity and innovation with social impact.

ARANZ Medical CEO Dr Bruce Davey says, “We’re delighted to be recognised for the positive impact our scanning and information systems are having on people’s lives across the globe.

“Our technology is pioneering the digitisation of skin assessment, empowering both patients and clinicians through higher quality information about skin dimensions and changes. We make it easier for isolated or disadvantaged patients to be assessed by specialists – whether in our major markets such as the US, or as far afield as in rural Africa where clinical researchers are studying one of the most neglected tropical diseases, the Buruli ulcer.”

ARANZ Medical designs and manufactures 3D laser scanning and information systems that transform clinical processes in skin assessment. Its solutions bring to light the true status of wound healing progress and skin dimensions, supporting clinical decision-making in wound care and orthotics/ prosthetics. Innovations include Silhouette, an FDA-approved electronic wound assessment system, and FastSCAN, a 3D scanning system for orthotics and prosthetics.

Dr Davey says, “We aim to develop assessment technology that is sophisticated yet easy to use. Healthcare providers and researchers can gain accurate assessment information from our systems in any setting, to make better-informed decisions that could improve wound healing outcomes. Our systems also engage patients, providing powerful information to support their participation in treatment.”

The impact of wounds and amputations on the health care system is enormous, he says. Over 40 million people around the world suffer from chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers, venous ulcers and diabetic ulcers, and this number is expected to grow to over 60 million by 2017. Wounds typically account for 2-4% of health expenditure.

Amputation rates are also increasing, and wounds and amputations are linked. Every 30 seconds a lower limb is lost to diabetes somewhere in the world. Diabetes advocates claim that, with the right care, 50% of diabetic leg amputations could be prevented.

ARANZ Medical is seeing a growing demand for its technology, now used in over 30 countries. Increases in diseases like diabetes, an ageing population, more accountable healthcare and the emerging telehealth trend are driving demand, as the healthcare system turns to innovation to help manage the upsurge.

WSA Chairman Peter Bruck says the WSA recognises where tomorrow’s technology is leading the progression of innovation. “To drive meaningful and relevant digital innovation, you have to connect people. This year’s winners are an excellent selection of this momentum, matching local solutions to local needs.”

WSA Winners will showcase their awarded solutions at the WSA Global Congress to take place in Shenzhen, China, February 2016.

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