Automatic boundary detection feature now available

11 December, 2019

The latest release of ARANZ Medical Silhouette software (version 4.7) includes a sophisticated automatic boundary detection tool. This tool will not only reduce the time clinicians need to spend tracing wounds, but will also reduce inter-rater variability.

Automatic Boundary Detection Tool in Silhouette v4.7

Automatic Wound Boundary Detection Tool available in Silhouette v4.7

Consistency of wound boundary tracings across sites and clinicians is difficult to achieve with manual tracing methods. However, with this newly released feature in Silhouette, users can quickly draw a region of interest roughly encompassing a wound and let the software automatically determine the edges of the wound.

ARANZ Medical’s development team used an extensive database of wound images and machine algorithms to generate and validate the boundary detection algorithms that are included in this latest release.

Points on the automatically detected boundary are also editable, allowing clinicians to manually adjust the boundary after Silhouette has defined the wound edges. This also allows the clinicians to review and accept the automatically detected boundary.

Click here to see the automatic boundary detection feature in action

This latest Silhouette version 4.7 release also includes updates to the integration interface to allow more fully-featured bi-directional HL7 integration with 3rd party medical records systems.

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