FarField Technology Ltd was established by ARANZ Ltd, to market and sell its FastRBF™ software for scattered data interpolation.

Some of the applications include laser scanning, rapid prototyping, medical imaging, computer graphics, scientific visualization, geological modelling, and geophysics.

The FastRBF™ engine offers the unique ability to fit mathematical models to very large 3-D data sets, using desktop computers. These models allow FastRBF™ to interpolate between the original data values to produce equipotential isosurfaces or to resample the data on to regular grids.

ARANZ and FarField Technology Ltd have now become two new and separate companies:

All inquiries about ARANZ technologies and market activities, including FastRBF should be directed to one or both of these organizations. 

© Copyright FarField Technology 2001. All rights reserved. Patents pending on aspects of FarField’s FastRBF technology.

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