FastSCAN II is a portable, hand-held scanner that rapidly digitizes 3D surfaces to create 3D models in real time.

How FastSCAN II Works

Sweeping the handheld FastSCAN II wand over the surface of an object quickly creates a 3D model of the object. The FastSCAN II software combines overlapping sweeps and eliminates redundant data to create a detailed, smooth 3D object in a file format that suits your needs.

Features and Benefits

Technical Information

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FastSCAN Software


Operation in the presence of large metal objects or electromagnetic fields may interfere with the scanner’s tracking, and degrade performance. As scanning relies on the camera in the wand seeing the laser line, some surfaces may not be suitable for laser scanning, e.g., translucent, transparent, reflective, dark, or deeply convoluted surfaces. Surfaces can be treated with substances such as paint, talcum powder, or chalk dust to enhance laser camera sensitivity.

Computer Requirements


Our Customers

FastSCAN is used in many different fields including:

  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Agriculture studies
  • Animation
  • Archaeology
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Woodworking
  • Entertainment
  • Millwork
  • 3D archiving

Frequently Asked Questions

What objects are suitable for scanning with FastSCAN II?

FastSCAN II is optimized for scanning objects up to a meter in dimension. Organic shapes (like the human body) are particularly suitable for scanning. Due to the sophisticated magnetic tracking technology in the scanner, environments or objects containing ferrous metal are not ideal.

Do fiducial markers need to be attached to the object?

The only item that must be attached to the object being scanned is a reference receiver. This receiver connects via cable to the scanner control box and allows the position and orientation of the handheld scanner (relative to the object being scanned) to be recorded in real time.

What post-processing software is available?

The FastRBF™ toolkit is an optional software module for FastSCAN. This module uses extremely computationally efficient algorithms to process the scan data and produce a smooth and “water tight” surface, which is critical when creating surfaces of objects for use with milling machines or 3D printers. We also have more sophisticated post processing software available. If you are interested in this, please inquire.

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FastSCAN is not an approved Medical Device, nor certified for medical or bio-medical use. Any references to medical or bio-medical use are examples of what medical companies have done with the products after they have obtained all necessary or appropriate medical certifications. The end user/OEM/VAR must comply with all pertinent FDA/CE regulations pertaining to the development and sale of medical devices and all other regulatory requirements.

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