Evidence-based wound surveillance

The Silhouette product suite is a wound imaging,3D measurement and documentation system providing accurate information at the point of care and supporting the clinical management of wounds.   The Silhouette wound assessment support system incorporates a point of care imaging device that can precisely and consistently measure the area, depth and volume of wounds and their healing progress combined with other essential data to provide an accurate and complete record of assessment. It provides best-practice wound surveillance support for both clinical practice and clinical research.

Addressing chronic inaccuracy

Unlike traditional two-dimensional or planimetry-based measurement methods, Silhouette recognizes that the body – and its wounds – are three-dimensional. That makes all the difference in obtaining accurate healing trend data and managing risk.

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Take control

By capturing consistent, accurate wound measurements and evidencing healing progress over time, Silhouette supports  better risk management, timely reporting and stronger audit performance. It improves multi-disciplinary team communication relating to wound care and enables those caring for wounds to be more productive. Silhouette is a complete solution, suitable for inpatient and outpatient settings, including community-based and telehealth wound care. It has been proven in a range of contexts including pressure ulcer management and diabetic foot ulcer care.  Read more

Step 1


Click once to precisely capture the wound image using 3D laser technology.

Step 2


Electronically measure area, depth, volume, healing progress. Automatically generate reports.


Step 3


Plug Silhouette into any EMR system for wound surveillance, communication and documentation across care settings.