Proven wound assessment solutions

Silhouette® is an easy-to-use wound imaging, 3D measurement and documentation system providing accurate wound information at the point of care and supporting the overall clinical management of wounds.

This award-winning system includes an imaging device that precisely and consistently measures the area, depth and volume of wounds and their healing progress, and software to store and manage wound informatics. It enables wound assessment activity to be monitored, providing wound information that is available instantly to key stakeholders, integrated with your EMR system. Silhouette is proven in both clinical research and clinical practice.

Take control

Silhouette mitigates wound-related risk and improves communication, helping practitioners to be more productive and effective in their care. Silhouette is suitable for all settings, including community-based, home health, and telehealth wound care. Silhouette is essential for accurate source documentation in clinical researchRead more

Find out more about our evidence-based wound assessment system:

Step 1


Click once to accurately capture the wound image using 3D laser technology.

Step 2


Silhouette calculates area, depth, volume, healing progress and automatically generates reports.


Step 3


EMR integration enables wound surveillance, communication and documentation across care settings.