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“Silhouette has been a great addition to my clinic. We use it every day and it has helped us become much more efficient.
I see a lot of wounds during a day and the Silhouette system is really easy to use to image and track the healing or non-healing of ulceration.
With SilhouetteStar, I am able to take a wound picture and have the medical assistants clean the wound and I debride the wound and then I take another picture and can easily see the differences.

Silhouette enables me to get accurate measurements without using a ruler or another camera. These measurements help me decide if the wound is
healing or not and allows me to make clinical judgments on exactly what I want to do to try and heal that ulcer.
I’m very thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to use the SilhouetteStar in my practice and hope to use it for many years to come.

I always recommend the Silhouette system to my wound care colleagues as it helps us to keep track of wounds and see how they are doing clinically with hard and fast numbers.”

Joseph M. Caporusso, Founder and President, Complete Family Foot Care

Three photos of Silhouette in use on feet

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