About Silhouette®

Evidence-based wound surveillance

Silhouette is a powerful system for wound practice and clinical research, offering accurate 3D measurement, quality imaging, consistent documentation in an easy-to-use end-to-end solution. Silhouette enables wound assessments to be recorded directly into the patient record, and integrates with EMR systems. It helps to manage risk, improve communication and provide valuable insights from the point of care to the management desktop. 

Silhouette Star

Wound assessment

The most comprehensive wound assessment system for consistent, accurate wound information.

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Wound imaging with digital cameras

Why digital cameras are unsuitable for accurate wound imaging.

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Silhouette® customers

Clinical practice and research customers using Silhouette

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Figure 2

Wound measurement accuracy and repeatability

Silhouette® accuracy and repeatability.

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Common questions about Silhouette®

Common questions about the use and care of Silhouette®

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Silhouette demo

Video: Silhouette® demo

A demonstration of Silhouette® at the point of care.

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Video: Reduce wound-assessment risk

The future of wound assessment.

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pressure ulcer management

Case study: Pressure ulcer surveillance

Silhouette® is helping an LA hospital to monitor pressure ulcers and lift wound assessment performance.

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Poster: University of Maryland Medical Center

UMMC case study – objective staging, accurate healing trends and consistent documentation.

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SilhouetteConnectTM Patient Dashboard showing assessment data
with wound progress chart and latest wound size measurements. Reproduced by kind permission of Diabetic Foot Clinic, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. Patient consent held on file

Case study: Diabetic foot ulcers

The early adopter experience of the clinical team at a leading UK Diabetic Foot Clinic

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Case Study: Skilled nursing facility evidence of care

Silhouette® provides evidence of high quality pressure ulcer management.

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